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Les représentants des fédérations germanophones

Meeting of the German-speaking federations in Zurich

Meeting of the German-speaking federations in Zurich

Challenges and opportunities for the sector

The German-speaking hotel and gastronomy associations met in Zurich from 26 to 28 June 2022 to discuss the new challenges facing the sector.

On the agenda were: staff shortages; customer perception of sustainable travel; digitalisation in the sector and the energy crisis in Europe. Inflation in the Eurozone and the cost of raw materials are of concern to the sector.

The federations agreed that governments must do everything possible to attract a new workforce, while companies must realise that training and good personnel management are essential to motivate employees in the sector.

It was found that companies do not communicate enough about their efforts towards sustainability in the sector. The federations advise companies to communicate on the efforts made and thus use this channel to acquire new customers.

Digitalisation is gaining in importance and can thus contribute to significant savings and improved customer service (e.g. automated check-in and check-out etc.).

The energy crisis is putting the sector on alert, many countries have an emergency plan, except for Luxembourg, where some of the ministries concerned seem to underestimate the seriousness of the problem.

The next meeting will take place in Liechtenstein.

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